Ahava Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

26 Oct

Ahava is a brand that is incredibly good at getting people to try its products. When the amazing folks at Nordstrom Mall of America (ask for Elizabeth!) send over some samples with my purchase, there’s always some Ahava tucked in there. I wouldn’t be writing about Ahava now without having samples available to me. Smart company.

The most surprising thing about this Deadsea Mud Cream is how eagerly my arms and legs absorbed the product. It was as if my skin couldn’t get enough. I went through my small collection of these little tubes within a just few weeks; because skin so readily accepts the moisturizer, a tube won’t last as long as the average lotion.

It does, however, work much better than the average lotion. I had a few small, dry, rough patches on my legs that dissolved after about a week of using this cream. This formula contains actual dead sea mud, which has very high concentrations of minerals. According to Ahava’s website, these minerals have proven regenerative properties, which I won’t argue with due to the disappearance of my dry patches.

I’ve said this before, but in most situations scent doesn’t matter unless the product smells horrible. This moisturizer doesn’t smell horrible, but it does have a very strong spa-like scent, and that bothers me a lot. Generally, I prefer lotion to be unscented. I moisturize at least twice a day, and I usually cover my entire body, so I burn out on scented moisturizers pretty quickly. Even more, I don’t want a lotion to interfere with the fragrance I’m wearing. I don’t want to be scented unless I deliberately choose to be.

Because of the overwhelming scent, I won’t be picking up a full-size tube, but I am looking forward to trying Ahava’s Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion in hopes that it doesn’t smell as much. The sole reason I won’t purchase the Mud cream is the scent, so if you battle dry skin and aren’t bothered by strong scents, this is a great option for you. A 6.8 oz. tube (about five times the size of the one pictured) is $32. It’s a bit steep for lotion, but it’ll put a stop to any dryness or irritated patches.


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