Pssssst! Dry Shampoo

28 Oct

Hands down, the thing I get the most feedback about is dry shampoo. I have to thank you guys for that. One, you make me feel less lazy for using so, so much dry shampoo. Two, I really love reviewing dry shampoos, so having an excuse to do it more is welcome.

Pssssst! was the first dry shampoo I ever used, and it continues to be one of my favorites. When I started using Pssssst!, it was one of only a handful of dry shampoos available. Now there are too many to keep track of. I keep coming back to this one, though. It can take even my limpest, greasiest strands and transform them into lifted, clean-looking ones.

Another seller for me is that the formula is unscented. Usually, my hair just needs a boost, which means that I don’t want it to smell like anything. When my hair is dirty, I’ll hit it with some Elnett or whichever perfume I’m wearing that day. I like to be able to control scents.

Dry shampooers should know that Pssssst! can leave dark hair looking a little dull if it’s not thoroughly shaken out. It takes some effort, but it’s worth it. The other obnoxious thing is that every so often I would buy a can that would give out after about half the product was used. It annoyed me so much that I stopped buying Pssssst! for almost a year (which gave me plenty of opportunities to try other dry shampoos). I haven’t had a can die in a while, so I think/hope the problem has been resolved.

Pssssst! and John Frieda’s dry shampoo are pretty closely tied for my affection. I think I get a little better volume from Pssssst!, and a can is bigger, but the price is about the same ($7), which makes Pssssst! a better deal and the dry shampoo I rely on the most. Plus, who can resist the cute, retro packaging?


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