Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine

31 Oct

I’ve been wanting to write this review since I started Productista, so my Halloween present to myself is not copious amounts of chocolate, but permission to gush about my favorite lip gloss.

This gloss plumps slightly, which is all the volume I need. No disrespect to Angelina, but hers is not the look I’m going for. It’s not likely that anyone will ask you if your lips are fuller, but it is likely that someone will tell you that they look good. They’ll feel good, too: As soon as you apply Color Shine, it responds by making your lips tingly in a delightful — not overwhelming — way. It also takes dry, flaky lips and transforms them into soothed, hydrated ones. Yum.

I hate the texture of most glosses. For me, there’s a fine line between sticky and watery, and this gloss walks it perfectly. A gloss that is too thin doesn’t stay put well and is more likely to bleed or migrate. Not good. One that is too thick/sticky feels gross and is much more likely to clump up where the lips meet. Also not good. This gloss will never, ever clump or bleed. However, it will disappear during a meal, but if you’ve ever seen me eat, you know that it’s not exactly a glamorous time for me anyway. That said, the consistency of this gloss makes it super easy to reapply without the aid of a mirror.

My favorite part about this gloss, though, is the color. I currently own Bare, Belle, Bloom (top), Boca Babe (bottom), Clear, Crave, Goddess and Smooch (middle). I’m not entirely clear which (if any) of these colors are discontinued because Fusion Beauty’s website has been under construction since this summer, but my favorite for cooler months is Smooch, and my favorite for warmer months is Crave. I almost always have a tube of Clear stashed in my handbag. If I use one very light coat of a dark color, it looks almost like a stain. Multiple coats of any color increase the plump factor and color intensity, and these are truly beautiful shades. I’ve never been more impressed by so many colors in a gloss line.

I have a lot of mini tubes (top and bottom) that I got from various sets and kind people at Nordstrom Mall of America. Large tubes are $39, but I got each of my full-size tubes (middle) at half price at the end of the season last year. How do I know they’re still stable? As long as the formula smells like orange tic tacs, it’s still safe. Sephora recently stopped selling Fusion Beauty and its twitter account has been dark for more than a month, so I hope that all is well with the manufacturer of my favorite gloss. I really couldn’t do with a replacement.


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