Zoya Remove Plus

1 Nov

I’ve seen Zoya Remove Plus in numerous magazines over the past six months, and until I picked up my own bottle, I didn’t understand how incredible polish remover could be. Now I know.

Zoya is a four-free brand, which means that their products do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor. Sometimes you have to be an amateur chemist to understand what’s in your products, though. Zoya lists the principal ingredient in Remove Plus as 2-propanone, which is a less-known name for acetone. The only negative about acetone is that it’s drying, which is why some people avoid it. Remove Plus pairs acetone with glycerin to decrease the drying effects, resulting in delightfully hydrated-feeling nails: no more peeling cuticles or dried-out nail beds. It beats all the removers I’ve tried, acetone-free or not.

To me, this remover smells like black licorice, which isn’t one of my favorite scents, but it masks the smell of the acetone more effectively than any other remover I’ve used. Even better, though, is that I can remove even the darkest colors with one cotton pad without leaving my nails stained or making the polish sticky. One cotton pad. That’s amazing. No other remover I’ve tested has been that effective. Zoya bills this as a 3-in-1: A remover, nail “prepper” and conditioner. It’s a great remover and conditioner. I don’t think it preps the nails or makes polish “stick” longer than any other remover, but some people swear by it.

What really gets me about this, though, is the packaging. The bottle has a flip-up lid (I know, it’s not in the photo. Sorry.), and the product is dispensed by using a cotton pad to push down on the exposed top pump. Why isn’t all remover packaged like this? I’m done spilling remover while trying to soak a cotton pad. With Remove Plus, you need only one hand. Thank you, Zoya.

Zoya calls the bottle I have the “Flipper,” and Plus users can purchase 32 oz. refill bottles (for the math-phobic readers, that’s four refills) for $25. If you really love this stuff, you can buy two 32 oz. bottles and get two free right now on The 8 oz. bottle I have is $10, but because you don’t need to soak half a dozen cotton pads to de-polish all ten tips, it’ll last much longer than the average bottle of remover. I previously gushed about butter LONDON’s Powder Room, but Remove Plus is a little less expensive and more effective, not to mention easier to use. It looks as though I have a new favorite.


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