M.A.C. Fluidline

4 Nov

My deepest, darkest beauty secret is that I struggle with liquid liner. It’s probably my biggest failing as a productista, and it’s hard for me to admit. It takes an unacceptably long time for me to create a line that doesn’t wobble, and hours upon hours of practice haven’t helped. There are just some things I’m never going to be good at. Using liquid liner is one of those things. Singing is another, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t belt out Beyoncé in the shower. Similarly, I’ve found a way to get a precise, bold line with staying power. Meet Fluidline.

Fluidline is a gel liner. Gel liners have just about all the benefits of a liquid liner, but they’re stickier, meaning I can get liner closer to my eye. With a liquid that moves more, it would be in my eye, but Fluidline’s creamy formula sticks to the brush until it’s deposited exactly where I want it to go — nowhere else.

Fluidline is one of the few products I’ll buy in a new city if I realize that I’ve neglected to bring it with me on a trip. It stays put on the waterline, and I’ve never had such an easy time creating a cat eye. I use a flat liner brush, which makes even lines a breeze. Fluidline makes any liner look you’ve been wanting to try seem doable. I’ve only used Blacktrack, but in the course of writing this post, I added another two or three colors to my wish list.

A pot is only $15, and it’ll last months and months without drying. Unbelievable. I’ve even gone halvesies on a container before. Just head to the M.A.C. counter with a pal, ask for an empty sample jar and scoop half the gel into it. Now you have incredible liner for $7.50. Eyeliner this affordable and amazing should be had by all. After all, it’s not a Friday night without Fluidline.


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