TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender and Leave-In Conditioner

7 Nov

Even those with really healthy hair have a hard time avoiding split ends. Just allowing hair to brush against clothing can cause damage and breakage. (Ever noticed that the bottom layer of your hair is more prone to split ends?) It’s no wonder why there are so many split end “menders” on the shelves.

First, I take issue with the name of this product. No formula will fuse those tree-like wisps back to the hair shaft. The best you can do is smooth them down and seal the shaft. This is best done with formulas containing silicone. (Look for ingredients that end in -cone.) This product contains a handful of silicones, but they’re toward the end of the list, which is probably why it doesn’t do much to smooth my hair.

The back of the bottle says that this leave-in conditioner can also be used on dry hair. I sincerely wish I hadn’t read this tidbit. It acted like a styler and made my hair kink at obnoxious angles and take on a texture usually associated with multiple days of product buildup.

Because I often wear my hair down and because it’s on the longer side, I’m prone to split ends, which means I’ve tried more than a few smoothers. This is not an effective one. If you still want to try it, you can pick this up for $15 at most drug stores. I’d advise heading in a different direction, though.


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