Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer

8 Nov

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post. It certainly doesn’t feel as though I’ve written 100 reviews. This project has been more fun than I could have dreamed, and I can’t wait to write the next 100. Thanks for reading and giving me a reason to keep posting. I love you guys. So, my thank-you gift is sharing with you my all-time favorite polish line: Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer.

Most people know that Deborah Lippman makes amazing nail polish, and most of those people know that all of her lacquer colors are named for song titles. What people don’t know is that she’s a recording jazz vocalist. She has released two CDs so far, Nightengale and Vinyl, and she’s in the process of recording a mini Christmas CD. She’s also something of a weight loss role model. Really, this woman is amazing.

Something about this lacquer’s brush and formula make it crazy easy to stay inside the lines and achieve an effortlessly even coat. I can’t tell you how many airport manicures I’ve given myself with Lippmann shades. I wouldn’t dare try this with another formula for fear that I’d end up boarding the plane with polish on my skin or gloppy areas near my cuticle. Many colors need only one coat, so a gateside polish change is no sweat. The lacquers also have a smooth, shiny finish, so if I’ve neglected to drag along a top coat, no one will notice, myself included. The really fabulous thing, though, is that sheer colors are marked as such on Deborah Lippmann’s website, which avoids the “Hey, I thought this would be opaque!” disappointment we’ve all experienced. However, the older swatches on the site aren’t exactly true to color. A quick google images search will clear things up, though.

From left to right, the pictured colors are Daytripper, Waking Up in Vegas and Supermodel. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is poking out from the back. These, along with Stormy Weather, a deep charcoal color with the smallest hint of blue designed with Narciso Rodriguez, and Superstar, a fabulous copper color made of glitter, are among my favorites. I adore the entire line, though. (I own 21 different colors — about one-third of the collection. I’ve been a fan since the lacquers were branded as Lippmann Collection and Diamonds and Pearls was handed out at a Nordstrom Trendshow years ago. Yet another product I got hooked on after Nordstrom/a manufacturer teamed up to put it in my hands free. Clearly, they’ve made their money back.)

Most bottles are $16, but glitter-based colors are $18 and colors with diamond powder 24K gold dust are $20. Obviously these are a bit on the expensive side — about twice the price of OPI polish, but it’s well worth it. I don’t know if it’s because I can get such thin coats with this formula, but no nail polish I’ve ever used has lasted as long as Lippmann, and I’ve never been so consistently excited about the colors of a lacquer line. I’ve also never gotten more compliments or color inquires than I have when wearing Lippmann. Plus, I love having these royal-looking bottles scattered across my vanity.

P.S. Lippmann products contain no toulene, formaldehyde or DPB. Polish away, beauties!


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