Ohné Grapefruit Lemongrass Lotion

9 Nov

One of my favorite hotels is Capella Ixtapa. The closet spaces and bathrooms are huge, white candles are restocked daily and there are no silly tiny lotion bottles. Instead, a normal-sized bottle is refilled as needed. All of these things make me feel like I’m at home (in paradise).

The only potential downside of supplying a giant bottle of delicious grapefruit lemongrass lotion is people like me who pump the contents of said bottle into a travel-sized one and take it home. I swear I don’t have a Ross Gellar hotel complex. I just really, really like this lotion. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s also gentle and incredibly silky. It makes even my unshaven legs feel smooth.

The company also makes a matching shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in this fresh, delightful scent. All four products retail for $22 and are sold in a bottle about two times the size of the (emptied) one in the photo. I know many people might be reluctant to spend $22 on lotion, but these would make lovely gifts. The scent is light enough that it’s nearly universally likable, and its nourishing qualities will be sure to win you a gushing thank-you note.


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