Ahava Mineral Foot Cream

20 Nov

Although my feet are stuffed in boots throughout most of the winter, I try to take care of them so that there are no unpleasant surprises come sandal season. Lucky for me, with Ahava’s foot cream, keeping my feet in good condition is super easy.

I take moisturizing seriously. More often than not, I go to bed buttered up like a turkey, and it pays off: I don’t have any rough patches on my feet whatsoever. This moisturizer itself is super soft, and it smells sweet and spa-like. Avocado, wheat germ, sweet almond and jojoba oils combine to soothe and nourish dry skin while tea tree oil and salicylic acid keep skin clean and new.

The packaging in the photo is the old version, but the silky formula is the same. A 3.4 oz. tube is $19 and will be more than enough to take your feet from rough to polished. I’ve been using this for almost two months, and my toes are softer than ever. As with many things, though, the key is consistency. For super soft feet, you have to be willing to commit to moisturizing daily, but with a formula so soft and delicious, that shouldn’t be a problem.


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