Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara

23 Nov

I hold mascara to pretty high standard. A lot of mascaras that the masses adore are unimpressive to me. Hyperlash is one of them.

I love tiny tubes of mascara. Mascara tubes should be this size. I can’t count the number of full-size tubes I’ve tossed because it was time, germ-wise, not because I’d used all the mascara or it had dried out. (Toss your mascara after it has been open for three months.)

Anyway, this mascara has a “dual brush.” One side has shorter spikes (left in the photo), which helps you coat the inner lashes without getting mascara everywhere. I didn’t realize this until I started research for this post, though, which would probably account for my being consistently confused about the brush length and stabbing myself in the eyes three or five times. Whoops.

My favorite part about this mascara is that it’s super black. Crazy black. After that and the brush that can reach those tiny lashes in the corners, I get less excited about this mascara. It doesn’t get classically clumpy, but it gets a bit spidery, even with one coat. I have noticed, however, that if I let it dry, brush through it and apply another coat, it builds nicely. The result is long, full, black lashes. I just don’t believe a mascara should require that much effort.

I don’t hate this mascara, and I wouldn’t tell anyone not to buy it. It’s just not for me. I like dramatic mascara, and this is dramatic, but it takes some work; with all the amazing mascaras that are nearly effortless, I can’t justify this one, especially at $21. I am glad to have it stashed in my car when I get stuck somewhere without mascara, though.


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