Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

29 Nov

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend. I spent Sunday through Tuesday evening constructing and delivering three final presentations. This means a few good things. One, I’m pretty much done with my college career, and I can focus all my efforts on Productista. (And, you know, getting a job.) Two, during this period of little sleep, I learned again to appreciate on-the-go multitasking products. Clear Great Lash is one of the most useful. (And cheapest!)

We’ve talked about my unruly eyebrows before. Left unattended, they curl out of control. Eyebrow gel is a daily must for me. Often, I need it more than once a day, and this clear mascara doubles as a great brow gel. It’s not as rigid as some others, and I love that it’s only $5. I can afford to have a few on hand and tote one with me without fear of having to shell out mega bucks to replace a lost one.

I also use this to tame those tiny hairs that pop up and stick up around my head. It’s important to wipe most of the product off on the inside of the tube as you pull the wand out so that you don’t end up with gloppy or gel-like residue. Just glide the wand over any offending hairs and keep it handy for when new ones pop up throughout the day. It’s like a portable version of the baby toothbrush and hairspray trick.

Because I use this product on my brows and hair, I don’t use it on my lashes. I’m a fan of brow powder and various hair products, and I’d like to keep them out of my eyes. (Notice how “unclear” the mascara looks? This tube hasn’t even seen that many uses. Mascara wands pick up a lot, which is why it’s important to periodically toss your mascara.) That said, clear mascara can act as a kind of “hairspray” for lashes. If you use it right after you curl, it will lock the curl in place.

Bottom line: An affordable, portable product that keeps unruly eyebrows in-check and tames tiny flyaways is a keeper. Just make sure you don’t keep it too long. 😉


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