Sephora Collection Colorful Nail Buffers

5 Dec

I refuse to pay for manicures. I might not do the best job, but I’m not going to pay someone to do something I can do myself. To pull off an at-home manicure, though, you need some tools. One of my favorites is Sephora’s buffer. It’s inexpensive and super easy to use, which makes manicures a breeze.

Sides one and two (file and buffer) are the most useful if you’re planning to add polish. If your nails are too smooth, the lacquer won’t stick as well, and it’ll chip and peel easily. The buffer still gets nails smooth enough to ensure that the lacquer coat will be completely even.

I wear polish nearly constantly, but on the occasions I give my nails a break, I use all four sides (three and four are polish and shine), and I end up with amazing-looking natural nails. The only downside of these buffers is that the file side doesn’t last very long, but I tend to rely on my Sephora glass file anyway, and at $8 for a pack of three, they’re easily replaceable. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for casual friends, you can’t miss with these colorful nail treats.


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