Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Scrub

6 Dec

I’m moving in less than 11 days. Remember that time I had a dust infestation and it wrecked my soul? I can only imagine what this will have done to me when all is said and done. I was sitting in a pile of boxes earlier tonight while staring at the wall and feeling helpless and overwhelmed. I decided a shower was the most productive thing I could do without expending any real effort. Thanks to Bliss, that shower turned my night around. Really.

You guys will get sick of hearing this, but the first time I used this scrub, I didn’t follow the directions. Instead, I used it as a normal shower scrub, which was luxurious and spa-like. I almost forgot that I was the one massaging my arms. Then, I followed the directions, and my mind was blown. Basically, you rub the scrub into your skin for “at least five minutes,” then shower. Amazing. I would have fallen asleep had I not been standing. It felt so relaxing, and I was left with softer skin than is reasonable for winter. (I’m still touching my calves. I’m obsessed.) Plus, the lemon sage scent is absolutely delicious.

A 12 oz. jar is $36, and it’s worth every penny. My tube is 1 oz, and it lasted me three showers, so this one should last 36 showers, which comes out to $1 per shower. I think that’s a bit on the high side, but it’s ability to keep winter skin at bay is astounding. I’m sold. Plus, I can’t think of anything better to give for the holidays than the gift of summer-smooth skin.


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