Sephora Collection Flat Liner/Eyeliner Brush #16

7 Dec

I realize that this is my second Sephora Collection post this week, but I packed most of my products, shoes and magazines first so that when I get to the point in my move when I’m convinced that a life without personal possessions would better suit me, I’ll already have everything I really need boxed up. Worst case scenario I leave with those already packed boxes and abandon the rest of my belongings. You can thank me for that tidbit next time you’re knee-deep in bubble wrap and wondering why you own three copies of Clueless.

For me, gel eye liner is the way to go. I get all the benefits of a liquid liner with the control of a pencil. This control is only achieved with a good brush, though, and Sephora’s Flat Liner brush is my favorite. It makes straight lines and cat eyes a breeze, which means that this brush is a huge asset during the holiday season. I mean, how can you mess up liner when the brush is a straight, thin line? All you need to do it place the brush at the lash line (or waterline) and gently wiggle it back and forth. Then move the brush over and repeat until you’ve achieved the line you want. If you’re doing a cat eye, use a flicking motion at the outer corners. Super easy. Plus, at $13, you can afford to pick up a new one while traveling because you inevitably forgot yours at home, or is that just me who does that? Either way, this brush works just as well as the expensive ones, and you won’t feel bad when you have to replace it. Happy lining!


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