Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow

8 Dec

I haven’t done an eyeshadow review yet, and I don’t think I can head into the holiday season in good conscience without gushing about the shadow that I turn to for for just about every event I go to: Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow.

The main things that matter to me in an eyeshadow are blendability, versatility and wear. I often skip shadow for daily tasks, but when I am wearing shadow, it’s never just one shade. If a shadow doesn’t blend, it’s not going to work for me. Chanel’s Soft Touch blends like peanut butter and banana. That is, it’s a magical combination. Two Chanel colors seamlessly blended are better than any one could ever be on its own. I’m not even going to attempt a smoky eye if I don’t have Chanel shadow. You know those shadows that are so solid that you have to spend five minutes working the brush to get any color to transfer? This is the total opposite. The shadows’ texture is so soft and workable, and they feel like silk, which makes application a breeze.

If I’m going to spend $28.50 on eyeshadow, it has to be versatile, and Chanel shadows are the most easily manipulated shadows with which I’ve worked. Because the powder is so fine, I can lightly brush on color and achieve a sheer effect, I can use a heavier hand for a normal finish, I can layer to build color in my creases or outer corners, I can use my finger for solid coverage, or I can dip my brush in water before applying the shadow for an explosion of color on my lids. Any shade of Chanel shadow can go from day to night and satisfy both the color-timid and the fearless. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Finally, wear is important. Although eye primers help prevent shadows from dissolving or caking in the creases, some shadows are more likely than others to do these things. Fortunately, Chanel shadows wear like a dream. They stay put no matter what application method I use. Chanel shadows don’t suffer the Chanel Le Vernis problem. Instead, the colors are gorgeous and they wear well. My favorites are 62 Gold and 61 Silvery (pictured) Chanel also sells these shadows in duos ($42) and quads ($57). I have two duos and a quad, and I’ve found that they’re a great way to get multiple colors without having to purchase them individually and that nothing beats a quad for traveling.


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