CND Solar Oil

12 Dec

I adore anything almond-scented. I once bought a three-pack of lip balms because one of them was almond-scented. Then I lost it and bought the three-pack again. I might adore rose-scented products, but sweet almond products are my kryptonite.

I’m prone to hangnails, so having an oil that keeps my nails and the skin around them nourished is important. Solar oil does that, and its sweet almond scent means that I never forget to use it before heading to bed. It pays off, too: It keeps my tips nourished and strong. The brush on these is kind of stiff, so I prefer to tip the bottle onto the pad of my thumb and massage my nails, which promotes blood flow to the area.

The main ingredient in Solar Oil is sweet almond oil, which you can pick up a bottle of for about $4. You can do the same with jojoba oil and vitamin E, so you can make this yourself for a lot less money per oz. (Solar Oil is about $7 per .5 oz bottle. I haven’t done this because I nearly failed chemistry in high school, but it should work out for those of you who feel a little more confident mixing your own home remedies. Either way, be sure to take care of your nails this winter.


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