Benefit Stay Don’t Stray

15 Dec

Nothing ruins a bold eye look like creasing. It’s frustrating to walk by a mirror and notice that your hard work has pooled up in your eyelid creases, and it’s infuriating to buy a lid primer, use it and still end up with creases. The answer is Stay Don’t Stray.

I tend to wear shadows that are finer and creamier than most, so they crease easily. The natural oils on my lids suck the powder in and hold it hostage there. Stay Don’t Stray is a light, creamy primer that locks shadow (and under-eye concealer) in place. No gross creasing, no shimmer all over your cheeks after dancing for hours. Just make sure you wait for the primer to dry before applying makeup.

The really cool thing about this, though, is that in a pinch it doubles as a concealer. It balances out the red in blemishes pretty well. The downside is that the pump dispenses too much product. Half a pump will cover both lids and then some. (The photo is of the mini tube. The full tube is .33 oz. and is $26.) That said, I’ve tried other primers, and this one is easily my favorite. I wouldn’t trust anything else under a cream shadow.


What do you think?

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