butter LONDON Lacquer

19 Dec

It seems every polish company has a creative way of naming its colors. butter LONDON uses British slang to name its lacquers, which is reason enough to find this polish delightful. Spend some time with the bL Dictionary. You won’t regret it.

This lacquer‘s brush is a bit wide, so I often end up with extra polish in the crevice between my nails and my skin. However, the brush is super soft, and it spreads polish incredibly easily. I can do two coats in just a few minutes.

My favorite colors are Yummy Mummy (pictured/Brit slang for a slim, beautiful stay-at-home-mom), Knees Up (a gorgeous Christmasy and shimmery red/Brit slang for a drunken party) and British Racing Green (a stunning emerald/the racing color of Great Britain). Most colors require between two and three coats. The lacquer dries pretty quickly, though, so you won’t end up with gooey tips. Plus, bL is a three-free company, which is important to a lot of people.

This lacquer’s wear is good, but the best part is the gorgeous colors and their cheeky names. I hate to disappoint, but bL is Seattle-based, but it’s founder, Nonie Creme, is a true Brit. At $14 a pop, these lacquers are a tad expensive, but totally worth it. Can you say “Best stocking stuffer ever”?


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