Ahava Mineral Body Lotion

22 Dec

I like my moisturizers like DQ Blizzards. If you’re not a soft-serve aficionado like myself, let me fill you in: You can hold a Blizzard upside-down without any of the frozen goodness falling out of the cup. If I pile lotion onto my palm and turn it over, my moisturizer better not be dripping onto the counter. If it is, it’s not the one for me, and that’s where my problem with Ahava’s Mineral Body Lotion lies. Well, that and the scent.

This moisturizer is like a less intense version of Dermud Nourishing Body Cream, which contains mud from the Dead Sea and is luxuriously thick. My skin absolutely loved that moisturizer. The only downside was the overpowering scent. MBL has the same intense scent without the thick texture that my skin craves and the healing qualities of the Dead Sea mud. (MBL contains Dead Sea water, which logic tells me is significantly less mineral-rich than Dead Sea mud.) MBL is still an effective moisturizer, but there aren’t enough redeeming qualities to make up for the obnoxious scent that overpowers whichever fragrance it’s worn in conjunction with.

In case you’re unbothered by strong lotions, here are the upsides of this lotion: It absorbs quickly, and it contains aloe vera, which feels soothing and is hydrating. However, “fragrance” is higher on the list than the aloe leaf juice, which is a strong indicator that I won’t enjoy a product. There are plenty of people who like MBL, though — even at $24 for 8.5 oz. It hydrates well, but I would suggest that loyalists try Dermud because it hydrates even better, and it actually heals damaged skin.


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