Deborah Lippmann 2-Second Nail Primer

29 Dec

I figured that because yesterday’s post was so long, I’d review something that didn’t require as much text today. Also, I moved all my stuff back into my parents’ house today, which feels defeating even if it’s just your possessions that are moving in. Then I unpacked boxes so that I could pack a suitcase for my New Year’s getaway. Exhale.

This nail primer‘s primary purpose is to eliminate any residue that would prevent polish from effectively adhering to the nail. There isn’t anything that this primer accomplishes that a good polish remover can’t accomplish, so I don’t see a compelling reason to spend $14 on a separate product. (The full size is .5 oz. Mine is about half that size because it was part of a set.)

I love DL products, and she added vitamins to this to make it nourishing, but even I can’t get on board with this primer. I’ve prepped my nails with the hand sanitizer outside an airport bathroom, and that worked just as well as this primer. This isn’t a situation where you need an upgraded product. If you like the convenience of painting on a product to prep your nails, use acetone to clean out an old polish bottle. Be careful with the bristles; they can break apart easily. Whatever you do, be sure to prep your nails in some way. Excess lotion or oil can cause a manicure to chip quickly.


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