Bic Soleil

30 Dec

I reviewed a very similar razor, the Bic Soleil Bella, a few months ago, and now it’s time to discuss the original. I always used the disposable version of these razors, so I use the ones I have left when I travel so that I can just toss them at the end of my vacay. (From now until Thursday, I’ll be reviewing whatever I have in my travel bag, and I’ll probably review some things I find around the resort. Should be fun, no?)

I used these razors for five years, which is a pretty significant product commitment for me. I picked up a bunch in the swag bag I got at a national competition in high school. These razors are not to be taken lightly: They’re crazy sharp. I had teammates running into my room yelling about how they cut various parts of their body. But we were all hooked. The shave is so close and smooth that a few nicks and scratches didn’t matter.

I only stopped using these razors when I decided to test drive a Venus Embrace I got in a swag bag about a year ago. I wasn’t ever dissatisfied with my Soleils, but I found something better, and I didn’t want to go back. Lesson: Swag bags are an excellent way to discover new razors.

What got me about the Embrace was how light on my skin it felt. It didn’t tug or scratch the way Soleil did after a few shaves. Soleil’s moisture ribbon is silky and soothing. For about two shaves, that is. After that, this razor begins to scratch a bit, and shaving becomes more difficult. The shave is still incredibly close, but so is Embrace’s. The tiebreaker was how good the razor felt, and Embrace won easily. Embrace also has five blades to Soleil’s three.

Solel also comes in scented handle versions, which retain their scent through a surprising number of showers. I bought both varieties (Twilight and Citron) multiple times, and I remain utterly baffled as to what the benefit of a scented razor is. A disposable four-pack retails for $7 (scented ones too.), which makes these relatively inexpensive. I wouldn’t tell anyone not to buy Soleils; we had some good years together, but there’s a better razor out there.

UPDATE (1/1/12): I just cut the backs of both knees. I nearly bled out in the shower. On the bright side, my legs are ridiculously smooth.


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