Mac False Lashes

31 Dec

I love any holiday that allows me to wear sequins and false lashes, so tonight is highly exciting for me. Falsies are an absolute must for New Year’s Eve. I’ve tried all the $2 lashes, and none of them compare to MAC.

MAC’s falsies come in a wide range of looks. Even though they cost a little more than the cheapies ($15), they’re well-worth it. You can pick up ones that simply enhance your natural lashes, Kardashian-esque ones, and everything in between, so don’t be intimidated. Falsies often look more dramatic in the box than they do on your lashes, but anyone can pull them off. Mine are the 3 Lash, and if I didn’t have such short lashes, they could pass for real ones. For a fuller, longer lash, pick the 21 Lash, and to make a stunning beauty statement, choose the Flight Lash.

The best advice I ever read about applying false lashes is to stick your bottom out and look up (Glamour). That way, you can just set the falsies right on your lash line. I use an eyeliner brush to hold down tricky spots, such as the inside corners. Trimming the lashes (from the outside!) so that they end before your natural ones on the inside helps with this, too.20111231-182547.jpg

I’m not a pro. False lashes are tricky. Right now, the inside corner on my right eye is lifted a little, but I blended it with some liner and mascara, and it hardly shows. If I can do it, anyone can, especially if you use MAC lashes. They cut the work and cursing in half. Plus, they have a dark black strip that passes for liquid liner. How easy is that?

If all else fails, remember the three golden rules of false lashes: Load your lashes with mascara before applying falsies, wait for the glue to get tacky before pressing the lashes onto your own, and always have fun.

Happy new year, beauties. I wish you radiant skin, big fluffy lashes and shiny, soft hair in 2012. xo!


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