Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

13 Jan

I’d be a mess without makeup-removing towelettes. They’re great for sailing through security and cleaning up after a long day. These Yes to Cucumbers towelettes contain soothing cucumber extract, moisturizing aloe vera and healing green tea. Yum city.

Embarrassingly, the first time I opened a pack of these, I was surprised that they smelled so much like cucumbers. Duh. The refreshing smell is exactly what I need at the end of a day that’s exhausted me enough that my chosen method of washing my face is a pre-moistened towelette. The wipes are super soft, and they feel cooling and calming. Did I mention they’re strong enough to take off eye makeup?

These are also great for the gym. As soon as I’m done with a workout, my first priority is taking a shower. When a shower isn’t an immediate option, these wipes are the next best thing. They’re strong enough to work on my body without tearing apart, and depart a cooling sensation. Because these are affordable ($6 for a pack of 30), I don’t feel bad about using them on my body.

I think Joise Maran’s towelettes are a bit more soothing, but hers are twice as expensive, and I’m currently unemployed. Plus Yes to’s packaging has a plastic seal rather than a flimsy sticky one, so you can be sure that these towelettes won’t dry out. They’re also biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Awesome, no?


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