Chanel Le Crayon Yeux

19 Jan

My favorite characteristic of Chanel products are the gorgeous colors. My least favorite characteristic is that few colors are part of the permanent collection. If you see a color you like, buy it, because you might not see it again. Such is the case with my gorgeous turquoise Chanel Le Crayon Yeux. (The picture doesn’t do it justice. Apologies.) Even worse: I apparently packed it in the wrong box when I moved out of my last apartment, and I can’t find it. I owned a rosy cocoa one, too, but someone borrowed and lost it. Sigh.

I usually won’t review a product unless it’s sitting in front of me for me to sniff, apply, research and scrutinize, but I have this one burned into my brain. The super-soft crayon takes the drama out of drawing even lines, and smoking them out is insanely easy with the creamy formula and the smudger at the tail of the pencil. Imagine doing a smoky violet eye with gorgeous Chanel colors. I’m dying.

If you’re scared of using color, working it in with an ultra-soft liner is a less-scary way to get a pop of color going. (Can you tell I’ve been watching Brad Goreski’s show?) That’s why these soft crayons and Chanel’s jaw-dropping colors are such a good match: The color goes where you want it, and if you make a mistake, it wipes up with a light graze. (Use a cotton swab dipped in concealer.) Hands down, this is the easiest way I’ve found to work with bright liners. All my other ones require a steadier or heavier hand, and that’s not something I want to deal with while I’m playing with color.

I don’t trust dark liners as much with this formula. The reddish-chocolate one I had tended to smudge easily, which is, of course, the downside of using such a soft pencil. I think anything darker might be a bit of a disaster. If you’re looking for ultra-clean lines, this isn’t your pencil, but if you want to play with and blend color, this crayon is a dream. I plan on buying a few more once I get settled in my new place. (I have my eyes on Berry and Blue Jean. Yum!) These are a little steep ($29), but they’re Chanel, and working with these pencils isn’t work. Plus, the crayons are super long, and you can keep them until they wear all the way down — just sharpen the germs off with the cute little Chanel sharpener that comes with each Chanel pencil. Really, it’s too much, and not in a bad way.


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