Diorshow Blackout

20 Jan

In honor of Diorshow New Look, which celebrates the 10th birthday of Diorshow and releases in February, I’m reviewing Diorshow Blackout. I’ve owned every iteration of Diorshow, and I can’t wait for the next one. Until I get my paws on it, though, the subject is Blackout.

I have no idea why Blackout exists. I had a full-sized tube that I hardly used because I always used the original Diorshow instead. Blackout’s formula seems thinner and less able to build big, fluffy lashes. It also doesn’t seem any blacker than the original. It took me so long to review this mini tube of Blackout because I didn’t really want to use it. It’s not bad by any means; Diorshow is just better.

I thought about adding to this post, but it would just be filler. Blackout has the same fluffy brush and same price (24.50) as Diorshow but an inferior formula that doesn’t provide darker lashes. That’s it.


What do you think?

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