Beauty Society Brow Doctor

23 Jan

One would think that with my unruly brows, the last thing I need is a gel that encourages brow growth, but I’m wild for full-looking brows. Plus, this gel also sets brows, and brow set is something I can’t get through a day without. I’ve been using Brow Doctor since November, and it didn’t have a noticeable effect on the thickness of my brows. It’s possible that it made them more full, but I have pretty full/quick growing brows already, so I couldn’t really tell if this added to my brows or not. My guess would be not. People who have sparser brows, though, might have better luck.

Brow Doctor falls a little flat as a brow set, too. It takes at least two coats to get my brows smoothed down. I’ve found that it’s best to apply one coat, wait for it to get tacky, then apply another. I think the formula isn’t quite thick enough to get the job done in one coat. Again, I have exceptionally unruly brows, so those with better behaved brows could have better luck. This tube retails for $28, which I would be comfortable with if the formula enhanced the growth of my brows, but because it doesn’t, it’s an overpriced brow set.


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