Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid

24 Jan

I have naturally stick-straight hair, and as long as I take care of it, shiny hair. I still use smoothing balm, though. I love that it makes my mane almost Pantene commercial-worthy and significantly less likely to get tangled. My often-dry ends have no problem soaking it up.

As it says in the name, this smoothing fluid is light. As long as I don’t use more than a dime-sized amount and I keep it away from my roots, it doesn’t weigh down my hair. Plus, it keeps my hair static-free in the winter. I use a pump when I get out of the shower and let my hair dry naturally. Super easy.

This fluid makes my hair shinier than it does smooth. When my hair is super dry or scraggly feeling, I use CHI Silk Infusion because it smooths a bit better, but it’s not as light as Aveda’s smoothing fluid. I’ve had my current bottle for two years, and it’s just now nearing empty, so this is definitely worth the $26 to me, especially because it keeps winter fly-aways at bay all winter.


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