Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion

26 Jan

Disclaimer: I didn’t buy this myself. I swiped it from my mom’s bathroom when I ran out of my own foot cream. I didn’t buy a peppermint-scented product and then get upset because it smelled like peppermint.

I’m not a big fan of peppermint, but I like the minty tingle of Burt’s Bees lip products, so I figured I’d like this, too. I don’t. It’s overpowering. Even my eyes felt the tingle as I was rubbing in this lotion. What really bothered me, though, is that the intense minty scent took me from ready-for-bed to wide-awake. Peppermint is not a nighttime scent. As far as I know, most people moisturize their feet at night. The discord bothers me more than the intensity of the peppermint.

However, the cool (heh) thing about this lotion is that the combination of menthol and peppermint makes my feet extra tingly, which is refreshing after a day of running around in 5-inch heels. If I even touch a peppermint lotion-cloaked foot to another part of my leg, that area starts to tingle, too. This lotion is also packed with softening oils and plant extracts, so your feet truly do feel pampered.

Ultimately, the fact that the peppermint alerts my senses so much makes this foot lotion a bad choice for me. I’m serious about beauty sleep, and I won’t have it impeded, no matter how delightfully tingly the foot lotion. Another downside: This lotion feels a bit chalky after it’s soaked in, which negates the pampering effect. If you like peppermint the way I like rose-scented products, this is the foot lotion for you. If not, Burt’s Bees also makes a Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Bilberry Foot Creme that doesn’t contain peppermint and sounds incredibly soothing. The peppermint is $9 per tube and the honey and bilberry is $10, which is a bargain given the size of these tubes (3.34 0z). Regardless, be sure to keep your feet in shape this winter so you’re ready when sandal season (finally) arrives.


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