Burberry Body

30 Jan

I can’t remember the last time I was this infatuated with a fragrance, and I truly adore Burberry fragrances. (I’ve loved every one save Weekend.) Months ago, I was in Kansas City to shop, eat and relax when I became enamored with Body. I stepped into Burberry to shop for a trench, chat with the tall, dark and handsome associate working and avoid the rain. It remains one of my favorite trips to Burberry to this day, and not just because of Mr. TDaH.

First, don’t judge me for the tiny vial I’m reviewing. I’m moving to New York in a week without a job or apartment. I have no money. I can’t afford this fragrance, and even if I could, I’m not sure it would survive the move. Sigh. I had to review this after spritzing it on myself in the store, though. People must know about this fragrance. It’s intoxicating. One of the women working told me to “like” Burberry on Facebook to get a mini vial sent to me. I got the package a few months later, and I was stunned. The little vial was nestled in an adorable cardboard box that probably cost more than my tiny sample of fragrance. The Brits know how to do things right.

Even more than I love Body, though, I love Body Intense. Every time I went into a Burberry store or a department store, I sprayed some on myself. Nordstrom was even kind enough to make up a few vials for me. A serial fragrance lover such as myself could really commit to Body Intense. It envelops me in sweet, stimulating warm fragrance that I can’t get enough of, and here’s why: The notes are freesia, green absinthe, peach, rose, iris, sandalwood, cashmeran, musk, amber and vanilla. If consistent readers of this blog have learned anything, it’s that I love a fragrance with floral-fruity-airy top notes and a warm-woody-vanilla base. This one is the most impressive I’ve worn.

Whether you choose the intense version or the original is a matter of personal preference, but at least try Intense. It won’t overpower you or anyone with whom you ride in an elevator. It’s just a little more present, and I adore that. I’ll wear it anywhere, too. I usually designate certain fragrances for certain places, times of day or occasions, but this one could be my new everything, and I haven’t even purchased it yet. Speaking of which, bottles for Body range from $55 for 1.1 oz to $95 for 2.8 oz. Intense sells for $85 for 2 oz or $115 for 2.8 oz. Purchasing Body Intense is officially my driving force to become gainfully employed.


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