Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

1 Feb

I intended to post this yesterday, but I spent too much time in a coffee shop, the scent of which makes my head and stomach hurt. I combined that phenomenon with the knowledge that dark chocolate makes me sneeze and went on an hour-long Google hunt for self-diagnosis instead of writing this post. You wouldn’t have wanted me to write it yesterday, anyway. Writing while nauseated doesn’t yield the best results. However, Googling while nauseated does: I’m a super taster.

Right now, my hair is the longest it has ever been. This is also the longest amount of time I’ve gone without a trim. Oh, and it’s winter in Minnesota. My ends are brittle, dry and damaged. Hair masks are a vital component of my hair routine. Restore has the yummy, light Living Proof scent and makes hair smoother and shinier by healing the protective layer around each shaft and by smoothing the cuticle.

My method of masking uses more product than traditional methods, but it yields softer hair. Restore spreads better than other hair masks, which means that I tend to use less of this one than I have others. After shampooing, I’m left with smooth, shiny hair. The smoothness builds as I treat my hair, so after using this weekly for a little more than a month, my hair is in much better shape than it was around Christmas. This mask is safe for color-treated hair, but it might still make your hair look lighter. Masks tend to rid hair of product buildup, and this one does an especially good job of that.

Kerastase Masquintense still has the edge, though. Masquintense leaves my hair considerably softer and for longer. The downside is that it’s considerably more expensive per oz. (Restore retails for $42 for 8 oz.) If your hair isn’t as damaged as mine, Restore is probably adequate for you. If your hair is in need of more serious hydration, spring for the Kerastase. If you’re not sure you need a mask, start with the low-investment Aussie Deeeeep Conditioner. (It smells like a tropical vacation and costs only $3. Don’t bother resisting.)


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