CH by Carolina Herrera

2 Feb

I’ve been fragrance-happy lately, and I’m not sorry. Now is the perfect time to buy new fragrances, and they make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. Start the hunt while you still have ample time!

I thought that I would hate this fragrance because I assumed that it would be generic and dated. It’s not. It’s floral and fresh, rather than floral and tired. It also transcends seasons, which means that it can be a daily go-to fragrance.

Various citrus fruits combine with melon and rose to create the fresh, sweet smell that starts the fragrance. The base is full of warm, luxurious notes such as suede, cashmere accord, sandalwood and cedarwood. The base notes act to ground the lighter notes rather than steal the show, which makes the scent applicable for day and night.

The body lotion has the same delicious scent. It’s not incredibly hydrating, but it feels nice, and layering the moisturizer and the fragrance ensures that your fragrance will last from early morning to late night. This scent is highly wearable. I’ve reviewed others that I absolutely adore but might not be as universally flattering. The prices aren’t quite as universally workable, however: 1.7 oz bottle of CH is $76 a 3.4 oz. bottle is $98. A 6.8 oz bottle of lotion is $48. Mine, of course, are minis. Right now you can get a sample of fragrance sent to you on CH’s website, and I highly suggest that you score one.


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