Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

6 Feb

It’s been a few days, but I’m back, and I’m in New York! I couldn’t be happier. I even managed to squeeze most of my product into my two suitcases. Unfortunately,  I could bring only one can of dry shampoo. Lucky for me, there’s a CVS on the next corner. Lucky for my mom, she inherited my extra dry shampoos, including Suave’s.

I love a cheap dry shampoo. Bumble and Bumble makes a fantastic dry shampoo that — full disclosure — I use every time I go into a Sephora. It’s $35, though, and I can’t justify spending that on something I go through so quickly, especially when a bottle of Pssssst! is $7 a can. Suave’s is even cheaper (about $3!), and it works almost as well. The white color shakes out easily and leaves full, clean-looking locks.

There’s a big but with this dry shampoo, though: Using it smells like I’ve just squeezed lemon juice on my head. I’d be willing to accept that if anything on the bottle conveyed that this product smells like Lemon Pledge, unless I’m to take the yellow lid as an indication that I’m about to be nearly suffocated by lemon. It’s not that I don’t like lemon, it’s that I thought I was getting an unscented or lightly scented product. This one smells so much that it sometimes overpowers my fragrance, which I don’t have much of tolerance for. If you really dig lemon, I’d suggest this. Otherwise, it’s best to spring for the $7 can.


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