Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

7 Feb

Everyone wants flawless, glowing skin, but unless you’re one of the lucky ones born with gorgeous skin, it takes some work. Fortunately for those of us who weren’t born with goddess-like skin, Luminous Silk Foundation provides the most beautiful finish I’ve ever experienced.

I call this foundation my “good skin day” foundation. If my skin looks pretty good on it’s own, I reach for this base. The finish looks lit-from-within without being shiny, and it feels like I’m not wearing anything. The best part about this foundation, though, is that it looks like the best possible version of my own skin. If doesn’t look as though I’m wearing foundation. Look at how beautiful the packaging is. This makes your skin look that good. It’s amazing.

The coverage, however, isn’t enough for me on days when my skin isn’t looking so good on it’s own. This foundation doesn’t conceal uneven skin tone and blemishes as well as Laura Mercier’s, but like I said, the finish is stunning. With good concealer and some building, I can take the coverage from medium to full and keep the gorgeous, natural-looking look. A bottle is $59, and because I tend not to wear much foundation, one lasts me about 10 months. Because it’s in a pump, bacteria stays out, and the product remains safe to use. It also helps if you keep the product away from light and heat. If medium coverage is something you’re comfortable with, this base won’t disappoint.


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