12 Feb

One of my favorite parts about fall is the first Lincoln Park After Dark manicure of the season. To me, LPAD is synonymous with OPI. It’s a color that will always remain in my arsenal.

OPI’s wear and brush are good, but not outstanding. The most impressive thing about OPI is the huge selection. If you have a color in mind, OPI probably makes a similar lacquer, and it probably has an adorably witty name to match. OPI didn’t start with nail colors, though: It started as a dental supply company. Nail techs would buy the acrylic dental material to make acrylic nails, and OPI, which stood for  Odontorium Products Inc. quickly capitalized.

Other than Lincoln Park after Dark (left), Bogota Blackberry (right) and the Shatter collection, there are few OPI lacquers that get me excited. I swoon over almost every Deborah Lippmann color, but I rarely have I-must-have-that-color moments when it comes to OPI. That’s not to say that the colors aren’t pretty. They are. I just don’t get all wound up about them.

One of the best things about OPI lacquers is that they’re only $8 a bottle, and the bottles stay fresh for years as long as you keep them away from heat. Happy painting!


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