Davines Nounou Shampoo

13 Feb

I had my hair colored a few days ago, so I dusted off my color-care shampoo. Shampoos that protect color are critical for colored hair, especially in the few days after a recent process. Don’t strip your color with harsh sulfate-filled shampoos.

I’ve used Nounou in the summer, and it made my hair greasy within about 15 hours. I assumed that part of the problem was that it was summer and that my hair was simply getting over-moisturized. (Color care shampoos tend to be ultra moisturizing to counteract the damaging and dehydrating effects of coloring your hair.) Now that it’s winter, my hair is a lot dryer, but I had the same result: greasy hair.

My hair gets greasy easily, but it’s often dry, so it’s not common that the culprit is a hydrating product. This one is just too much for my hair. If you have thick, course hair, it might work for you, though. I want to love this shampoo. It has a light, natural, milky scent and it’s full of vitamins and lipids that strengthen and add shine to hair. It also only takes a tiny amount of shampoo to clean your scalp and hair, so this $23 bottle lasts a long time. Plus, the ultra-thin plastic packaging uses 25 percent less plastic than a normal bottle.


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