Nars Blush in Orgasm

16 Feb

I’ve put off reviewing Orgasm for a long time because, really, what can I say about this blush that hasn’t already been said? Most product-loving gals (and guys) own this blush. I can’t think of a blush that has won more awards than this one in this color. It’s truly amazing.

The most impressive thing about this cheek color is how flattering and natural it looks on all skin tones. Of all the people I know who have tried this blush, none have been disappointed. The pinky-peachy-gold pigment makes it look as though you’re a goddess who just took a brisk walk in chilly weather. This blush is woman at her best, and we have François Nars to thank for it.

If you haven’t tried Orgasm, you need to. You control the intensity: With one layer, this blush delivers a gentile flush, but you can build to your heart’s content. Not only is the color gorgeous, but the formula is perfect. It’s soft enough to easily transfer to the brush but not so soft that it travels too much on the skin. Because the powder is so highly pigmented and because I don’t wear blush daily, I can use the same $28 compact for almost a year. There isn’t anything about this blush that doesn’t amaze me.

P.S. If cream blush is more your speed, check out The Multiple in Orgasm. (I own The Multiple in Luxor, and it’s a beautiful highlighter. Review to come!)


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