I started this blog last year as a way to share what I’ve learned about products through years of buying and trying. Over the course of seven months, I wrote 160 reviews, and I loved creating every one of them. Then I got an amazing job at L’Oréal, where I support the Lancôme retail marketing and skincare teams. Of course, everything on this blog are my views alone, not those of L’Oréal.

This blog is now a fluid thing. It will change as I change. Some days I’ll write about my experiences and other days I’ll write about trends or other things I’m obsessed with. Even though this isn’t what it was before, I’m determined to make Productista a place where people can learn and explore. I hope you can still find something to enjoy here.

Header photo by Zack Luye. Header font by Halee Janes.

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