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Lash Extensions @ eyeLure Boutique

12 Aug

If you’ve ever read this blog before, you’re aware of my eyelash obsession. I would shave my head before I would pluck out all my lashes. Every time I lose a lash and make a wish on it, I wish that I don’t lose any more eyelashes. I don’t have great lashes, hence my mascara obsession. I’ve wanted lash extensions for years. Years. And today, it finally happened.

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TokyoMilk Salted Caramel Lip Elixir

4 Mar

Hi, beauties. Happy March! Sorry it took me four days to tell you. I helped a pal move and paint her place, then I moved and now my mom’s here visiting and helping me furnish my tiny, adorable, perfect new pad. I’m using the internet at her hotel to write this post. Aren’t moms the best? Anyway, the balm I’m reviewing today is one I spent months and months looking for, and it was well worth the energy.

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HerCut Dry Hair Shampoo

22 Feb

I’m all about sulfate-free shampoos: They keep my color-treated and fine hair from fading and drying out. HerCut Dry Hair Shampoo is one of my winter favorites.

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Vera Wang Bath and Shower Crème

21 Feb

I’m intensely loyal to Philosophy’s body wash, but if someone gave me a lifetime supply of Vera Wang’s shower gel, I wouldn’t be mad about it. I wouldn’t ever give up my Philosophy, but this shower gel smells ahh-mazing.

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Maybelline Baby Lips

19 Feb

Maybelline is impressively good at getting me excited about new product launches, and for good reason: Whenever someone asks me for a drugstore makeup suggestion, I send them to the Maybelline aisle. The products are exciting, affordable and of good quality. It’s hard to go wrong with Maybelline. When Baby Lips first launched, I checked every Target, CVS and Walgreens I went by to find these balms. It was well worth the searching.

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Nars Blush in Orgasm

16 Feb

I’ve put off reviewing Orgasm for a long time because, really, what can I say about this blush that hasn’t already been said? Most product-loving gals (and guys) own this blush. I can’t think of a blush that has won more awards than this one in this color. It’s truly amazing.

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Bobbi Brown Ultrafine Eyeliner Brush

15 Feb

Believe it or not, I’m all about saving money. Mostly so that I have more to spend on product. And shoes. One of my favorite ways to pinch pennies is using my favorite shadow shades as liner. It’s quick and easy, and this super skinny brush and a drop of water is all you need.

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