Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

19 Nov

I’d hoped to have this post up a bit sooner in the day, but I got caught up in a Rachel Zoe Project marathon my mom so lovingly saved on the DVR for me. What a great mom, right? Anyway, I’m reviewing my first foundation today, and it’s one that I’ve used since high school. No joke. No matter how many other bases I try, I keep coming back to Laura Mercier.

What really gets me about this base is that the coverage is so good that on a good day I don’t even have to wear concealer with it. Whenever I get done testing another foundation and go back to LM, I’m blown away by how completely and naturally this foundation covers. It’s unreal. I know some beauty editors have moved away from LM, but I can’t; l always go back.

As if beautiful coverage weren’t enough, this foundation feels weightless on my skin. If I didn’t know I was wearing base, I wouldn’t know I was wearing base. The only things that bother me about this foundation are that I can smell it on my face while I’m wearing it and that it rubs off a little more than the average foundation. In my world, though, these are small prices to pay for gorgeous, even skin.

LM also makes this foundation in a moisturizing version, which I’ve tested, but not purchased — yet. It’s great for winter, and it has all the same benefits of the original base. A pump bottle (super convenient) of either formula sells for $42 and lasts me about a year. I’ve never had a bottle go bad in that amount of time, and because the pump top ensures that bacteria can’t get in, it should remain stable and safe for at least that long. Just make sure you keep it in a dark cabinet. If I haven’t yet convinced you, someone at the LM counter will be happy to make a few samples for you in various shades so that you can test out this base over a few days and get a feel for how amazing it is. Always choose this option over just having someone apply a product for you in the store. You want to know how the product will interact with your life, and you can’t determine that without taking a little bit home. I think you’ll be hooked if you do!


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