Guerlain My Insolence Tender Body Lotion

28 Jan

Because it’s the weekend, I’ll keep this post short. I also really want to climb in bed with some hot chocolate and watch TV with the cat. Yes, that’s how I spend Saturday nights.

People don’t tend to buy a fragranced lotion because the formula is awesome; people buy fragranced moisturizer because they love the fragrance. This one is both a good lotion and delicious smelling. It’s the thinnest lotion I’ve ever liked. Usually, moisturizers that don’t stick to the palm of my hand when I flip it upside down. This one feels really hydrating, though, and it absorbs in seconds, leaving my skin smooth and flowery.

Judging from the lotion, I wouldn’t buy the My Insolence fragrance. It’s not bad; it’s just a bit too floral and girly for me. It feels indulgent to use a fragranced body lotion for no particular reason, though. Unfortunately, a 6.8 oz bottle is $57, and I won’t be purchasing a full bottle. (Mine is 2.5 oz, and it was a gift.)


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